YOO Collection

No one leaves a YOO Collection hotel unchanged.  We create unique experiences for guests, introducing them to new ways of looking at the world by drawing on a portfolio of leading Signature Designers and the renowned YOO Design Studio. Place and space come together with strikingly originality, thanks to YOO’s characteristic wit and our designers ability to express and re-interpret local influences. 
Every YOO Collection hotel combines one of the world’s most beautiful places with flawless service. The accent is on the relaxed and personal rather than the starchy and intrusive.  But it is our individual approach to luxury that ensures you’ll leave a Yoo Collection hotel with a sense of life well lived. 
Take a treatment in a Collection Spa or sample our menus’ fresh, locally sourced ingredients and you’ll discover the impeccable standards we set for wellbeing, culture, activities and fine dining. Beyond this, though, is the opportunity to make every one of these experiences your own. However, well-established the event, activity or occasion, we’ll leave space for you to shape it with your preferences and imagination. 

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Same is lame. Every Yoo2 hotel is different. Each one is an individual expression of local influences; a unique interpretation of location and living space. Lobbies are no longer just places to loiter and wait. They’re now showcases for local DJs, makers and artists. Far from the hotel’s dead space, a Yoo2 lobby is an exuberant living area for guests to work, play, eat, drink, meet and think.
The traditional hotel chain is the preserve of the transitory, the rootless. In contrast, no one here is just passing through. A Yoo2 hotel is imprinted with the YOO design ethic of enriching lives by creating extraordinary living spaces. A Yoo2 hotel is a window into other lives; a gateway into different cultures and communities; a launch pad for new encounters and experiences. It is a place you want to be: a destination not a waypoint on to somewhere else.

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