Synonymous with music, Rio de Janeiro hosts some of the best parties on the planet.


Local Rio de Janeiro DJ, Video Maker, Surfer, Tastemaker and creator of the Zeh Pretim Ball, shares his passions and insight into the city’s vibrant music and surf scene.

How did you discover your passion for music?

I really started to delve into music around 2001.  As a producer of independent films, we were constantly on the lookout for new music and bands.  Once I sold my Design Agency in 2010, I then started to work as a freelance designer and producer for parties in Rio de Janeiro.  This brought me closer to many of the city’s DJ’s and I studied techniques and it has ultimately grown to become a profession.

How did the nickname ‘Zeh Pretim’ originate?

There is a long history of me using this nickname.  It started in 2003, when I used it as a signature for chat applications such as Ice and Messenger.  When I progressed into design, I started to use it to sign my work.  As I developed my work as a DJ, it seemed logical to keep the same alias.

What does Zeh Pretim have in common with the Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro?

I have a passion for detail.  I really appreciate this in the Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro.  From the decor, to the architecture and even in the uniform design. It’s also in the city I most love in the world.

If you could sum up Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro in a song, what musical style would it be?

This is difficult, as your moods are constantly changing and each has its own musical style.  The same goes for my time spent at the Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro.  I enjoyed everything from pure relaxation and time to contemplate in my room, to the exhilaration when taking in the spectacular views of Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado whilst enjoying a good wine at sunset on the Rooftop Pool Bar.  A varied playlist would be my perfect musical accompaniment.

What are your tips for a good time in the Botafogo neighbourhood?

I really like the unpretentious atmosphere of Botafogo.  The neighbourhood also has a friendly crowd and some wonderful, simple places to enjoy good street food.

It is well known that The Zeh Pretim Ball is one of the best parties in Rio.  Besides your party, which nightclub do you recommend in Rio?

The 00 always comes up in my mind. It is located in Gávea, one of my favorite neighborhoods. It has a great atmosphere in an open area.

As a Surfer, where are the best spots in and around Rio?

Leblon and its big waves is always a favourite place for me.  I also enjoy the sea at Sao Conrado and Posto 10 on Ipanema Beach.  However, I always find myself ultimately back at Leblon.

You also enjoy to skateboard.  Any recommendations?

For those that enjoy longboards, the roads around Ipanema and Leblon on a Sunday are perfect, as they are closed to traffic.  For something more extreme, there is a great street track in Flamengo, near the Flemish Club.  For the more experienced, the Southern River Bowl is one not to miss.

Finally, what is your unmissable Insider’s Tip for Botafogo?

I think the new nickname of ‘Botasoho’ sums up the neighbourhood perfectly.  It’s one of Rio’s most exciting places, with something new popping up all the time.  The best way is to explore on foot and just stumble across new bars, restaurants, or places with incredible views, such as ‘Mirante do Pasmado’, which is still relatively unknown, even amongst the Cariocas. There is an amazing view and tranquillity. A place to “find yourself”.