To bring you the best insight into this vibrant city, YOO have connected with people at the cultural heart of Hong Kong.

Pazu Chan - Photographer

Hong Kong based Artist and Photographer Pazu Chan shares the inspirations behind his work, current exhibition with Michael Kistler at the J Plus by YOO Hong Kong and an insight into travel and the city he calls home.

What is your background and how did you get into photography?

I studied Art and Design and I liked painting. I worked on a few painting projects, that required long hours. I realized that being a painting artist was not easy in Hong Kong, so I started to get more interested in photography which seems more instant. I then went to work under a professional photographer to learn the art of photography. As time has progressed, I prefer photography and this is now my preferred art.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Usually I get my inspiration from reading and cities.

Tell us about your current show at the J Plus by YOO Hong Kong?

Fashion reflects the way that the luxury world deliver to us what chic means, and it is also a reflection of how people present themselves in their city lives. However, fashion trends change fast, just like the city of Hong Kong. I am always fascinated by those famous or hidden corners in the city. The pieces I did for the exhibition are my reflections on how culture of the present and the past contrast.

What are your favorite neighborhoods in Hong Kong and why?

I love those old communities on Hong Kong Island like Sheung Wan, Central, Wan Chai and Happy Valley! These communities reflect the past of Hong Kong and it shows why the history of Hong Kong makes the present so unique.

What do you like about the Causeway Bay neighborhood?

When I was small, I found Causeway Bay very attractive due to the vast  number of shops, fast pace of life and interesting new things happening there.

Now that I don't shop that much, I enjoyed trying out new restaurants and bars in Causeway Bay with friends. And I will always drop by J Plus Hotel by YOO to check out their exhibitions.

Where was your first travel memory?

That was 17 years ago...I travelled alone to Beijing and spent time with the artist community there. People were not as rich as now, but they were welcoming and full of creativity. I was young and didn't have much money when I had my adventure in Beijing, and people I met there let me staying in their homes, so I experienced a really authentic form of travel.

Where is your favourite place to shop in Hong Kong for design ideas?

I would go Basheer Bookstore in Causeway Bay to check out their great books.


Who is your favourite clothes designer from Hong Kong?

It will be Kei and his label "Creature de Keis".

What do you normally raid from the hotel minibar?

I would rather like to check out local grocery stores whenever I travel, rather than checking out the mini bar. It is fun to discover interesting food products and I get to understand the local culture more in this way.


Where has been your holiday heaven?

Koh Samui

What has been your holiday hell?

Definitely The Patong night market in Phuket. Horrible place indeed!

Where is on your bucket list to visit?

Following Genghis Khan's Silk Road route.  Traveling from Xinjiang China, through Iran then all the way to Istanbul. 

What items do you always pack?

I will pack my sunglasses before packing anything.

What are your favourite restaurants in Hong Kong?

For sure is The Chairman in Central! I really love their steam crab with noodle in Shaoxing wine sauce.

Where serves the best Dim Sum in Hong Kong?

Luk Yu Tea House in Central. In addition to the dim sum being delicious, the waiters there are full of unique character.

Is there a hidden shop in Hong Kong you can share?

A small vintage shop Retrostone in Mongkok.


Share a cultural experience that will stay with you forever?

I really like reading and books. I love the Tsutaya Bookstore in Tokyo. You can spend all day there, checking out the books, having tea in the sunshine under a tree in their garden, or a glass of wine in the book store bar... 


Where is your favourite view in Hong Kong?

Most old buildings in Hong Kong are either being tore down or renovated into a heritage iconic places. I find it interesting whenever old meets new. So I always enjoy taking a walk in communities like Sheung Wan, and Central, to explore the scene and feel the way that the city is transforming...


Which are your favourite markets in Hong Kong?

Hahaha...I would say Shau Kei Wan old market. Reason? Most store owner there are very rude. It makes the market very original.

Where do you head in Hong Kong for some peace and quiet?

I would take my dog Mug Mug (means "Ink" in Chinese as she is a black poodle) to Shek O Back Beach. Drinking champagne with the sea view and seeing my dog running around...make me feel peaceful and blessed.

Where is the best place to learn about the history and culture of Hong Kong?

Taking the heritage walking tour in Ping Shan, near Yuen Long is the best place to know more about the history and culture of Hong Kong.

Where would you take friends visiting Hong Kong for a good time?

Luk Yu Tea House! 

Name three favourite buildings in Hong Kong?

Stanley Public Library, Fu Tak building (a building that has lots of workshop of local artists) and Jumbo Seafood Boat

What is the first thing you do when you get home from a trip?

Of course giving a hug to my dog Mug Mug, as she is the first person to welcome me. Then I will go find my cats Choco and Chiba and say hi to them and hug them too.