YOO have been creating beautifully designed residential spaces for likeminded people to connect for the past 20 years.  Our hotels and resorts have the same energy and passion.  We believe that a bed should be your home whether it be for a day or a lifetime.  The experience within a hotel should evoke all the same emotions as your place of residence.


We’ve created two brands YOO Collection and Yoo2.


Yoo Collection

A truly bespoke hotel experience.  Every hotel is uniquely designed by YOO's Team of Creative Directors, to match sublime destinations with extraordinary living spaces.  Guests can choose tailored experiences and enjoy flawless yet personal service.


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Same is Lame.  An eclectic group of lifestyle hotels.  A truly sociable experience, reflecting local soul with unique interpretations of location and living spaces.  An exuberant atmosphere for guests to work, play, eat, drink, meet and think.


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